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Robert Baldesarra is the founder and president of Decor Wood Kitchens Inc. Robert is a graduate of the Architectural Technologist program where he has applied his studies of design to the kitchen and bath industry. He has been involved in the renovation and construction sector for over 20 years. Robert has been successfully designing kitchens and baths for the last 15 years with his experience, obsession for perfection in this industry; he brings an ever lasting impression to all of his designs.

With rapid industry trends, Robert is constantly striving to fulfill his clients requirements on design and to provide the utmost knowledge on new industry products. In doing so, he is a proud member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and regularly attends seminars to be continuously informed to put forth design trends to whom is most important to him his clients.

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Defining a Suitable Kitchen and Bath Design

Every part of any given kitchen and bath design deserves a “united look.” To achieve this look, have the kitchen and bath complement the remainder of the rooms in your home. Unity does not consist of the entire kitchen or bath design be equivalent in colour or style. Yet, by adding interesting combinations of unusual and different items or fundamentals of space; will shape the appearance of your design to be well balanced and organized.

Add Personality to Your Design

Our designers strive to make kitchen and bath designs based on our client’s preferences. We spend time with our clients to gather the outmost information that will express their interests, discuss likes and dislikes and what they are expecting to see in their new kitchen or bath design.

Impact of Existing Structure

We take a close look at the potential construction limitations that may impact your kitchen or bath design with the space that we have to work with. As designers who have encountered numerous structural and construction situations; we have the background knowledge to present design solutions to our clients.

Choosing a Theme for Your Kitchen and Bath Design

Once you have a clear understanding of the design layout; the next step is to select a ‘theme.’ We will guide you in the direction we have been discussing to derive you to a theme. If a French Country theme is acknowledged; many architectural accessories, colours and finishes can complement the theme you are after and gain the appearance of a realistic “French Country” furniture piece. Adapting furniture to cabinetry, custom hardware, elegant countertops, lighting and accessories will portray the look and feel of the selected theme. With this theme, our designers will assist with the functional requirements, ideal modern appliances and plumbing fixtures to accommodate your design at its fullest.

Final Kitchen and Bath Design Reflections

When all the design elements, colour, intangible space layout and theme are in place. Decor Wood Kitchens designers focus on the proposed design; rather than a room created by rules that may no longer apply to our modern lifestyles.

Robert Baldesarra
Designing Essentials
Designing Essentials